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Memorial Day Weekend

According to a survey conducted by AAA, almost all highways in the Los Angeles area will be jam-packed with vacationers this Memorial Day weekend. The survey showed that nearly 30.7 million Americans plan to drive to their destination this upcoming weekend. Compared to last year, the high ways will have 500,000 more travelers on the road. However, people will not be traveling far this year due to gas prices and budgets. Many people are rethinking their trips and looking towards finding a closer vacation spot that won’t exceed their budgets.

AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet commented, “Steadily increasing gas prices throughout the spring significantly squeezed many household budgets.”

The survey results showed that the average distance expected per traveler is around 642, which is 150 miles less compared to last year. While most surveyors stated that gas prices won’t change their destination, they will cut other costs to make up the difference.

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Wyndham Worldwide Earns Accolades, Praise

RCI/Wyndham Worldwide has won the Socially Responsible Company award for a second time. The award, bestowed by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI), judges companies that operate in Mexico on several tenets. They include community outreach, environmentalism, corporate ethics and quality of life provided to their workers.

RCI encourages their workers to do community service by giving them incentives for time completed. They give annually to Christel House Mexico, a charity that provides inner-city Mexican children with quality schools and education.

Newsweek ranked them the world’s 73rd most “Green” company for their environmental practices in 2009. Their “Green Initiative Team” markets ways that RCI has gone on environmentally sound policies, and the importance of preserving our planet.

Corporate ethics includes being transparent about their finances. RCI has a healthy track record of developing employees from the ground-level up by focusing on their development, education, welfare and safety. This is the second consecutive year RCI/Wyndham Worldwide Mexico has won the award.

Wyndham has had a run of good press recently. They won Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies 2012 in the Hotels, Casino’s and Resorts category.

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Venezuela Travel Guide

Angel Falls

Venezuela remains off the beaten path for the American traveler. Its unusual choice as a tourist destination makes it very easy to find value here, as well as uncommon stories and discoveries sure to amaze your friends back home. Here are some of the ups and downs of traveling to this jewel of South America.

Many agents cut the large country into quadrants when discussing vacation options. Enjoy the vibrant urban center Caracás, the beaches of Isla Margarita, the Andigo Mountains in the west, or the tropical woods of Llanos.

If you choose the urban route, Caracás is known for its salsa clubs and world-class hotels and shopping. There are regional festivals to walk through, arts and crafts to buy, and an eclectic choice of restaurants to visit. Unfortunately, there is a substantially high crime rate here also. Take the local’s advice and avoid certain streets at night and wear jeans around the city instead of shorts to look more like a local would.

The beaches offer surf, fresh seafood, and miles of seclusion and relaxation. El Yague offers one of the best spots in the world for windsurfing, and the isolated beaches of Sucre are worth the effort to visit as you will find crystal-clear water and gold sands. Mochima National Park offers countless islands with protected bays that are perfect for dolphin, turtle and manta-ray snorkeling.

The countryside offers resorts in the middle of the forests, where you can eat fresh papaya off the trees and see monkeys and wild horses. There are also mountains to climb and huge waterfalls, such as Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall.

Avoid the public hospitals and trade USD with locals as they offer a better exchange rate. Drink Polar beer, the world’s 17th largest distributor of cerbeza. Enjoy soccer matches and premium baseball games. And most of all, have fun while in Venezuela.

Africa’s Best Safari Parks

When Western Travelers think of reasons to travel to Africa, the first one is usually to “safari.” But what is a safari? And where are the best places on this exotic continent to Safari? Transfer Smart has you covered.

A Safari can be any journey or hunting expedition, but since the word has an African origin, it’s usually considered an African trip of that nature. It is from the Swahili word safar, which means “journey” or “trip”. Contemplate these parks when you go on your Safari.

Phinda, South Africa

Phinda means “the return,” and this reserve lives up to the name. A 22,000 acre reserve in the Natal region, the area has elephants, cheetah and lion breeding projects that have been successful. Room and board at their St Lucia resort start at $500/night.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Here you can see giraffes, hippos and cheetahs. During July and August, enjoy the “Great Migration,” where 300,000 zebras, 500,000 gazelles and over a million wildebeests travel north from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara grasslands. The Governor’s Camp houses travelers for as low as $250/night.

Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda

Rwanda’s tourism industry is growing, as I’ve written about previously. This specific park was home to Dian Fossey of the Gorrilas in the Mist fame. As implied in its name, there are volcanoes and mountains a plenty to enjoy, as well as the “Big Five” animals: the lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. Experience these creatures up-close for only a $600 permit. Tours can cost around $2600.

Traveling Asia on a Budget

Pha That Luang, Laos.

As Europe’s economy stabilizes, the euro’s value has increased against the dollar. With this in mind, many American tourists are looking at Asia as a viable place to get a great vacation on a budget. Here are some of the best places to get a big bang for your buck in Asia.


Countless miles of coastline as well as upscale shopping and lodging at budget prices put the Philippines at the top of our list. Add in a people receptive to American travelers and you have a great but uncommon destination.


More expensive to visit than Thailand but cheaper than Singapore, Malaysia also offers miles of beaches and friendly people. The food is excellent, and English is
widely spoken.


Laos is a backpackers dream. The kip has very little value against the dollar, and the relaxed pace screams vacation. The temples, natural beauty and peaceful vibe are a tonic to Westerners.


Many Westerners don’t know what to think of Cambodia. A rampant underground sex trade keeps many people away, but there’s more to see here than that. Investors around the world are building hotels here, and it has more of a modern feel than most of southwest Asia.


Visit the place that most Americans find exotic and dangerous, and you’ll it much more inviting than history would suggest. The current exchange rate is 16,000 dong to one USD, which means the best lodging, food and shopping can all be had for incredibly low prices. Throw in museums, nightlife and a vibrant, youthful energy and you have perhaps the best mix of cheap prices and exciting attractions in all of Asia.

Upscale Resort Opens in Haiti

The famous Neg Mawon statue, Port-Au-Prince

Best Western, known in the United States for being a rest stop for budget conscious travelers, will open a “Premier” location in a suburb of Port-Au-Prince later this year.

Despite Haiti’s well known poverty, hotel executives believe business customers from Europe and South America.

“When you go into markets that a lot of people consider Third World, there’s a lot of business there and a lot of people who will pay for the quality of product,” says Mark Williams, their Vice President of North American Development.

The Premier branding means the location will possess more amenities than normal Best Westerns. Best Western Premier will have heavier towels, wider-screen televisions, more elegant landscaping, an on-site dining lounge and extensive personalized services.

The upgraded locations are also more profitable. Since Best Western began opening Plus and Premier locations last year revenue per room has gone upwards by 15%. Of the 2,200 Best Western hotels in North America, 800 are Plus branded and only 15 carry the Premier designation.

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Convicted Felons Arrested in Timeshare Resale Scam

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided a Fort Lauderdale, Florida office July of last year, and are now taking testimony from thirteen former employees of Timeshare Mega Media and Marketing group as they build a case against timeshare resale con artists.

Joseph “Joey” Crapella and Pasquale “Posh” Pappalardo started the company and made over $5 million dollars in less than a year. The scam was simple: The company said they had a buyer for their timeshare, but they had to put up money upfront as part of an “administrative fee.” This money was promised to be returned to the timeshare owner at a later date. For this service, clients spent as much as $10,000.

But the buyers never existed, and now the Federal Trade Commission has arrested 15 low-level employees of Timeshare Mega Media. 13 have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, charges that can carry up to five years in prison. All sentences are pending.

Mr. Pappalardo served six years in prison in the mid-1990’s on drug, firearms and counterfeit money charges. Mr. Crapella spent eight years in a Florida prison after being convicted of racketeering and grand theft involving vending machines.

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