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Memorial Day Weekend

According to a survey conducted by AAA, almost all highways in the Los Angeles area will be jam-packed with vacationers this Memorial Day weekend. The survey showed that nearly 30.7 million Americans plan to drive to their destination this upcoming weekend. Compared to last year, the high ways will have 500,000 more travelers on the road. However, people will not be traveling far this year due to gas prices and budgets. Many people are rethinking their trips and looking towards finding a closer vacation spot that won’t exceed their budgets.

AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet commented, “Steadily increasing gas prices throughout the spring significantly squeezed many household budgets.”

The survey results showed that the average distance expected per traveler is around 642, which is 150 miles less compared to last year. While most surveyors stated that gas prices won’t change their destination, they will cut other costs to make up the difference.

To those who wish to travel this Memorial Day weekend but can’t due to a timeshare, contact Transfer Smart today and see how they can help you live again.


Merger Between United and American?

Since America Airlines filed for chapter 13 last year, many are unsure of what the airline plans to do to bounce back. There have been many discussions about merging with US Airways but sources state the merger has been ‘greatly exaggerated’.

A consultant of R.W. Mann & Co., Robert Mann, commented, “Independent of whether they merge or not, you’re going to see higher prices because the airlines have figured out that there’s no point in competing for unprofitable business but if a merger does occur, you’ll see an acceleration of that increase.”

American Airline’s parent company, AMR, posted a staggering $1.7 billion loss during the first quarter. CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker, stated that “the carrier had signed agreements with three unions representing nearly 55,000 American employees”. He reassured his employees by saying, “Today’s news does not mean we have agreed to merge with American Airlines.” Though a merger is still up in the air, many have started wondering what the outcome would be if US Airways and American actually decide to merge.

Mann commented, “Historically, mergers have been an opportunity for Southwest to enter markets and provide [pricing] discipline. But their costs aren’t that much lower than the network carriers anymore so it’s not as if they can suddenly find new pockets of revenue.”

A merger would also mean more labor unrest. Since the merger with America West Airlines seven years ago, US Airways is still trying to integrate the two work forces. Adding a third workforce to that equation might complicate the situation further. In addition by merging the two companies would be able to create a better network for their passengers.

Joe Brancatelli, the publisher of JoeSentme.com, commented, “No carrier that has gone into bankruptcy since 2000 has survived without a merger. United went into bankruptcy, came out and merged with Continental. US Airways went into bankruptcy twice and merged with America West. And Delta and Northwest both went into bankruptcy on the same day, came out and merged with each other.”

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Nine Arrested in New Jersey

Transfer Smart reports on nine citizens who have been arrested for being involved in a timeshare mortgage scheme. Apparently, these people preyed on the elderly by offering to pay off their mortgages at reduced amounts. Once the property owners sent in their payments, the individuals would then use it to purchase personal items or buy a timeshare in another persons name. They took nearly $2.4 million from unsuspecting owners.

Those charged will be facing mail fraud conspiracy and if convicted faces a minimum of twenty years in prison.

Time To Be Thankful

Giving thanks is hard to do when your stuck with an unwanted timeshare. There are many timeshare resale companies who are just waiting for desperate timeshare owners to purchase their services. However, many of these companies are just scams and all they will do is give you empty promises and take your money. Therefore, make sure to do your research and trust in a company who understands what your going through and sympathizes. That is why you need to contact Transfer Smart and get out of your timeshare the right way.

The Art of Timeshare Bait

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Currently, there had been lots of complaints regarding timeshares. But you wonder also, despite its bad reputation nowadays, there is still an increasing number of individuals who purchase such property. The reason lies in timeshare sales presentations. Normally, the timeshare agents offer a free vacation package to any potential owner. Later on, these potential owners ended up signing the contract which entitles them a full authority to use the resort at their own advantage. But as the fees keep coming and start escalating, they realize what a big mistake they’ve made. Thus, most of them decided to get rid of their timeshares.

These owners still wonder how did they end up buying a timeshare and get caught up by the timeshare trap. As a matter of fact, there are so many timeshare owners that end up disappointed about their timeshare purchase.

How did they end up in such a situation lies in the timeshare sales presentation. These sales pitches are high-pressured and hypnotizing that can allure any potential owner.

First, these timeshare developers entice more people to attend their sales presentation by giving financial incentives to participants. Typically, these include items such as gift certificates, discounts on accommodations, or other amenities. By showing pictures of timeshare resorts, the participants surely fall in love with it and ended up signing a contract.

In the long run, the maintenance fees and special assessment fees made these owners want to get rid of their timeshares or seek assistance from timeshare transfer companies like the Transfer Smart to provide them an exit strategy to dump that unwanted timeshare. The best way to avoid this problem is simply turn down the timeshare offers and learn to say no

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Timeshare Ownership

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Timeshares are fractional ownership of a specific resort property. In owning a timeshare, you purchased the right to use a given property for a certain number of days per year. Until now, there is a lot of misunderstanding about a timeshare and what it does and does not offer. For some owners, there’s a lot to like about this type of property. But, as we often hear or read, we cannot also deny that there are a number of disadvantages in timeshare ownership that made some owners want to get rid of it or seek assistance from timeshare transfer companies like Transfer Smart.

One of the primary advantages of timeshare ownership is that you can go a vacation in a property without having to get a hotel or deal with all the amenities that you cannot get with a hotel like a kitchen and separate bedrooms. With this type of property, you can have the comfort of your own home.

However, one of the weaknesses of timeshare ownership is that although you only use the property for a certain number of days per year, the maintenance costs still continue forever regardless if you have completely paid for the timeshare interest or not. These maintenance costs usually increase every year. Some owners complained that this maintenance fee does not seem unreasonable given that the property needs to be maintained throughout the year and not just when you are using the residence.

For anyone who plans to buy a timeshare, there are several important factors to consider on top of the purchase price. One should make sure that the ongoing maintenance fees are reasonable and not a burden on your budget. Just be aware that there are thousands of owners who are still struggling and wanting to get rid of their timeshares.

Some Ways to Get Rid of an Unwanted Timeshare

transfer smartFor some owners, owning a timeshare has already become a burden to them. Some of them have purchased it from the developer at high prices and might have even taken a loan to pay for it. As a result, they can no longer keep up payments and eventually want to get rid of their timeshares. For others, they are faced with high annual maintenance fees and cannot afford the yearly cost.

If your timeshare have already lost its value to you, then, probably, you should sell it.  In selling your timeshare, first, check with the timeshare resort that you own. Most of the resorts have a system, method, or person who works with people who want to sell their timeshares and with people who would like to buy into the resort. Usually, these are resorts that usually are already sold out and are not being sold by a developer.

By utilizing the latest of technology, you could also try to sell your timeshare on eBay. There are also a number of sites where you can list your timeshare as available for sale. This method is cost-effective and has the ability to reach a wider audience.

Moreover, there are a number of companies out there that will take your timeshare and try to sell it. With this, just make sure to move slowly and check out these companies carefully. It is helpful to check these companies on the internet to verify its existence. If possible, deal with these companies personally to avoid being a victim of a scam. There are still a few reliable companies available like Transfer Smart which can get rid of your timeshare effectively.