Upscale Resort Opens in Haiti

The famous Neg Mawon statue, Port-Au-Prince

Best Western, known in the United States for being a rest stop for budget conscious travelers, will open a “Premier” location in a suburb of Port-Au-Prince later this year.

Despite Haiti’s well known poverty, hotel executives believe business customers from Europe and South America.

“When you go into markets that a lot of people consider Third World, there’s a lot of business there and a lot of people who will pay for the quality of product,” says Mark Williams, their Vice President of North American Development.

The Premier branding means the location will possess more amenities than normal Best Westerns. Best Western Premier will have heavier towels, wider-screen televisions, more elegant landscaping, an on-site dining lounge and extensive personalized services.

The upgraded locations are also more profitable. Since Best Western began opening Plus and Premier locations last year revenue per room has gone upwards by 15%. Of the 2,200 Best Western hotels in North America, 800 are Plus branded and only 15 carry the Premier designation.

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