Is Selling Your Timeshare Turning Into A Pain?

People have often described getting into timeshare ownership like getting into a financial trap. They call it a trap because of the way timeshare owners are misguided into thinking their timeshare is an investment and that they can make a profit from it when they are tired of it. For these misled owners their timeshare has caused financial hardships that they were not prepared for.
This popular phrase has created quite the bad reputation for timeshares. What you need to know is that a timeshare vacation can easily be the perfect vacation option for some. If you have no problem with how much it can cost to own a timeshare then it can easily provide unforgettable vacations for many years. A timeshare can actually make some of the best vacation experiences possible.
For the other timeshare owners who cannot afford the financial obligations of a timeshare it simply does not provide the expected experience. If you are an owner who dreads the thought of increasing maintenance fees or a special assessment for unexpected damages or remodeling then you probably should not own a timeshare. Chances are you were ill-informed about the potential cost of timeshare ownership.
If you are one of these owners who now realizes what an expense owning a timeshare is and you want to get out there still hope. Most people will try to sell timeshare weeks to make up for the cost of ownership. The problem with this is that it is really hard to sell a timeshare used. Unless you own a really high end luxurious timeshare there really is not much demand for it.
The fact is that there is simply no resale market for timeshares. A lot of owners try to go this route of selling their timeshare on the resale market and this usually ends in a huge waste of time and money. And so after falling victim to purchasing a timeshare without knowing just how much it can end up costing they are now in the trap of trying to resell. There are many fraudulent and scam companies that are trying to take advantage of people who are trying to sell their timeshare unit.
It is important to remember that getting out of your timeshare contract is what is most important. Thankfully there are some timeshare relief companies that can get you out once and for all. They will usually provide a written guarantee so that you know you will be timeshare free.


2 responses to “Is Selling Your Timeshare Turning Into A Pain?

  1. Larry Patrick of BRADENTON Fl received a letter on timeshare He doesnt own one what should he do?

    • Call the company and tell them to put you on their Do Not Call/Do Not Mail list. Yes, it actually benefits them b/c it’s a waste of resources to mail you stuff about timeshares when you don’t have one.

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