Transfer Smart News: Timeshare Project Management Company Enters Hospitality Industry

Although there are a number of owners who want to get out of their timeshares every year, this industry shows many of developments this year.  Recently, a new project management company Trinity Design & Construction Group enters the hospitality industry scene. This company is led by veteran, David Knight and is positioned to become the renovation project management solution for the lodging and timeshare segments.

According to David Knight, president and managing partner, through their management expertise and established relationships with strategic partners, their clients will benefit from this collaborative, environmentally-conscious and cost-effective approach. Trinity ensures that every project is delivered to the approved scope, budget and schedule. As Knight had stated, accountability will be the fundamental factor in their success.

Meanwhile, Knight’s experience is extensive. He began working for the city planning and economic development offices in Phoenix and Springfield, Mo. Most recently, he worked at Marriott Vacation Club International for more than a decade where he served in a variety of capacities leading efforts in resort planning and design; renovation services oversight; condominium association (COA) board negotiations; Marriott joint venture and executive operating committee meeting coordination; and project and financial asset management.

On the other hand, Trinity has strategic partners ranging from architectural and interior design to procurement, warehousing and construction. One such partner is Frazee, Inc. which is a general contractor with over 30 years invested in vacation and hospitality renovation construction. As Clark Frazee, president said, they understand the importance of having a strong project management team to coordinate the various service providers. He added that over the years, David has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage and collaborate across disciplines and aligning themselves with Trinity Design & Construction Group supports their goals to deliver the best in client service.


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