Transfer Smart News: Accor Vacation Club’s Members Give Timeshare Points to Charity

It is said that one of the best ways to get out of a timeshare is to donate it to charities. But not only the individual owners are giving out their timeshares to charities. One of giant hotel group Accor Vacation Club’s Members, the Thakral Holdings Group, have been quietly giving away most of their annual Accor Vacation Club corporate points to charity since 2004.

When Thakral realized that they were not fully utilizing all their points, they then decided to donate them to charity. Their donated points have been used to benefit charities such as the Ronald McDonald House, Smith Family, Rotary Cairns, South Coast Carers Association, Pet Rescue and Paradise Kids, where there are families in need and often on extensive waiting lists.

To date, there already over 92,000 points which have been donated to charities and all to very deserving organizations which use these points to give families of very sick children from country locations an opportunity to all be together while they are in the city for treatment. Meanwhile, the Ronald McDonald House (NSW) always stay at the Grand Mercure Pinnacle, Accor Vacation Club Apartments because of the luxurious 2 bedrooms and the spacious living areas where families can relax comfortably being close to the treatment centers.

On the other hand, many of these families have been grateful that they are just able to have a few wonderful days exploring the Darling Harbour, during what are normally not the most joyous of experiences. Such donated points have helped over 60 deserving families across Australia, Thakral and Accor Vacation Club providing points that make a difference.


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