Transfer Smart News: AG Coakley Announces an Injunction against a Timeshare Case

Various kinds of frauds are operating nowadays. But those owners who are trying to get out of their timeshare contracts are shown to be the usual victims. These practices operate in various ways. In Massachusetts, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced that her office has obtained an injunction against several individuals who allegedly misrepresented themselves as timeshare consultants.

According to Coakley, the defendants collected more than $250,000 from Cape Cod timeshare owners. Meanwhile, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Linda Giles granted a preliminary injunction against Timeshare Advocates, My Timeshare Advisor, All Resorts Marketing LLC, Jeffrey Riebman, Charles Whiteman and Valerie Whiteman, Catherine Stevens and Carol Riley. She prohibits them from engaging in similar actions or any deceptive conduct related to Cape Cod timeshares.

Under the order, the court also prohibited the transfer of assets and issued attachment orders against the assets, such as the bank accounts, of defendants Valerie Whiteman, Charles Whiteman, Riebman, Riley and All Resorts Marketing LLC. The defendants are accused of defrauding owners of timeshare intervals at the Edgewater Beach Resort in Dennisport, Massachusetts. Coakley then secured an injunction against Timeshare Advocates and Riebman in December, with this latest injunction expanding the order to cover additional defendants.

As Coakley said, a consumer who has a problem with his or her vacation property such as timeshares may contact their office, or consult with a licensed attorney. She further stated that consumers should be wary of persons who are unlicensed to provide legal advice or who guarantee legal results.


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