Transfer Smart News: AG Secures Injunction against Allegedly Timeshare Scammers

These days, while scams and frauds operate in almost any industry, it shows up that the most common victims are those owners who are trying to get out of their timeshare contracts. There are already several complaints filed against such activities and recently, the state attorney general has secured a preliminary injunction against several people and groups who allegedly defrauded and gave unlicensed legal advice to timeshare owners at the Edgewater Beach Resort.

According to State Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office, several groups and individuals represented themselves as timeshare consultants who are allegedly defrauding timeshare owners of $250,000. Last July 15, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Linda Giles granted a preliminary injunction against Timeshare Advocates, My Timeshare Advisor, All Resorts Marketing LLC, Jeffrey Riebman, Charles and Valerie Whiteman, Catherine Stevens, and Carol Riley. The court order also expands a December 2009 injunction against Timeshare Advocates and Riebman.

The complaint filed in Suffolk Superior Court states that the defendants guaranteed owners of the Edgewater timeshares a refund of the purchase price of such vacation property, maintenance cost and closing costs as they charged fees of up to $3,085. According to the complaint, the defendants collected fees knowing that they could not recover any refunds for timeshare owners. The attorney general’s office estimates that there are more than 300 people paid for the refund services but no one received any refunds. Moreover, the preliminary injunction prevents the accused from attempting similar actions and freezes the assets of some of the defendants. The attorney general’s office on the other hand, is seeking restitution for consumers and penalties against the accused.


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