Transfer Smart News: RDO’s Enforcement Team Aims to Help Timeshare Scam Victims

Timeshare ownership is no doubt one of the most popular vacation options these days. But unfortunately, the word timeshare has become synonymous with the word scam in many people’s minds. Although such scams may prey on any potential owner, the typical victims today are those owners trying to get out of their timeshare contracts. Recently, RDO launch their Enforcement Team which aims to help those timeshare owners who have been defrauded by Resale Firms, Holiday Clubs, Cash Back Schemes, Class Actions, Fly Buys, etc.

The Enforcement team requires a detailed written summary of the case. This includes the dates, name of the company, an outline of what the offer included and details of payments made. A copy of all the documents related to the case i.e. the contract which should include details of the services included and all other available documents such as faxes, e-mails, and proof of payments made like credit card slips or bank statements are also needed.

Once the enforcement team received this information, it will do its best to help victims. But it is also important to bear in mind that these companies have not signed up to RDO’s code of conduct and are not associated with RDO in any way. Even if no fraud has been committed, for instance, if contact was made but the timeshare owner decided not to take up the offer, a contract was not signed not any payment made, background information is still important to RDO. Thus, a written account of what was offered, details of the company website, phone numbers and company address would be very useful.

Meanwhile, RDO Enforcement’s goal is twofold. First is to help victims. Secondly, to inform the authorities usually the Police in Spain about the modus operandi of these bogus firms who are offering vacation properties, with the ultimate objective of having them closed down.


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