Smart Things You Should Be Aware About Timeshare Presentations

Because of the current economic condition, timeshare salespeople will do everything just to close a deal. Along with the number of owners who are trying to get out of their timeshares these days and negative perception about such properties, freebies are being given to potential costumers just to lure them into buying timeshares. Typically, vacationers are offered free breakfasts, activities such as scuba diving, or even week-long vacations just to attend a 90-minute timeshare presentation. They are told that there is no obligation to buy a timeshare. All they have to do is to listen and learn about the great deals or investments being offered.

While some of these presentations are true, most ended in scams that use high-pressure sales tactics to lure clients into purchasing high-priced, low-value timeshares. The presentation normally starts out in a pleasant manner that seems short and informative. However, potential buyers are then offered several different packages. If the client was not persuaded into purchasing, they will bring in new salespeople to offer an even better deal.

The timeshare presentation often presents with more offers of free gifts or services if the timeshare contract is signed. Offers include large discounts on airfares, cruises, or VIP service at five-star hotels and resorts worldwide. Sometimes, additional points are being offered in their vacation club package that can be redeemed for international cruises or stays at other international resorts. These gifts are scams used by the timeshare salespeople just to close the sale.

In some cases, they will give certificates to the clients for them to redeem their special offers. However, when the purchasers go to use these gifts, there are extra fees involved, making the gifts virtually worthless. Practically, it would be cheaper for the clients to book the vacation as a non-owner than it would be to use their special offer. Thus, beware of timeshare presentations. Remember that legitimate timeshare sales will not claim one-day sales or unrealistic gift offers and if the timeshare is not a scam, their offers will be the same regardless of whether you purchase today, tomorrow, or one month from now.


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