Transfer Smart News: Local Couple Gets Refund from a Timeshare Vacation Club

According to the Better Business Bureau, before signing up for any vacation club, be sure to ask detailed questions, understand what time of timeshare you’re being offered, visit the resort yourself and get all the information and details in writing. These would help avoid future conflicts with such properties and prevent you from being a victim of scam.

Take for example the recent case of a local couple who is getting some help after signing up for a vacation club that never delivered. There are some reports about the Green family’s issues with Sunshine Vacations. The family had paid $2,000 on a plan that gave them ten weeks of vacation at various resorts around the country. But when they tried to use them, the dates were already booked.

As NBC 4 spoke to the business owner, the Green family had been promised to get a full refund. As Kenneth green stated, it’s been nothing but success since then — since there was an interview, phone call after phone call just making sure they’re satisfied and check’s going to get there and another phone call to make sure they’re there in the morning to get the overnight check. He added that Mr. Ogden was like, you can let the news guy know we took care of what they were supposed to take care of.

Today, there are a number of complaints regarding timeshare deals. While some owners are trying to get out of their timeshares, some unfortunate consumers have fallen into the trap of timeshare scams. With these, the BBB strongly advise consumers to be cautious about such deals and if possible, they should have an attorney review the terms and conditions before agreeing to the timeshare.


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