Transfer Smart News: India Shows an Incredible Timeshare Growth

Despite the number of owners who are trying to get out of their timeshares, such vacationing option is still growing in popularity anywhere in the world today. Take for example in India where the timeshare industry has been growing at anywhere between 18-20% year-on-year over the last five to seven years, according to Radhika Shastry, RCI India managing director.

During Shastry’s guest appearance on the first episode of Today’s Timeshare, a new podcast devoted to the industry and produced on behalf of, she said that they continue to see growth even during the last year’s downturn and again this year, the industry has been doing extremely well both in terms of sales and the number of people taking holidays. She added that in many ways the industry in India has been insulated from the effect of the global downturn.

Meanwhile, joining Shastry for the broadcast was Ranjana Biswas, the senior manager of PR and communications for RCI India. As Biswas explained, the mindset in India towards holidaying has changed drastically. Through timeshare, Indians are looking at a lot of new holiday experiences, and no longer restricted to spending seven days on the beach.

Biswas further explained, Indians are looking at seeing new vacation destinations, new places and undergoing new experiences. So keeping this in mind, a lot of new destinations have opened up and developers are looking at completely unknown locations where they are looking at opening TS properties.


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