Transfer Smart News: Timeshare Publication Announces the Completion of the Expansion Plan

With the complaints in the fractional ownership industry along with the number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares, it is apparent holidaymakers these days need information about such vacation properties. This is one of the goals of the Perspective Magazine, a timeshare and fractional ownership publication. But recently, Perspective International have announced the completion of a proposed 18-month expansion plan in half the time, as a fourth regional version of the shared ownership industry’s publication is announced.

First published in 2005, Perspective Magazine took the timeshare and fractional ownership industry by surprise when it rapidly grew from a small European publication into a globally recognized leader in its field in a matter of a few years. But in August 2009, an 18 month expansion and restructuring plan was put in place in order to create four regional titles under the Perspective Magazine name. This will allow for more targeted content, increased readership and advertising opportunities.

Meanwhile, the Asia Pacific edition was always scheduled as the final stage with a proposed launch date of January 2011. But due to the success of the already established North America edition which was launched February 2010 and the pre-sales for the South Africa edition which will be launched on August 2010, this fourth version has been brought forward and will now be launched in September 2010 during the ATHOC Convention in New Zealand, where leaders from throughout Asia Pacific will gather for their annual conference.

According to Paul Mattimoe, CEO of Perspective International, he was even surprised by finishing theirr expansion project in half its expected time especially during such difficult economic times. With the new regional titles, they can now offer the vacation industry so much more than before. In addition to their European team, they are currently building their Orlando based team for the North America edition and plan to have small teams operating out of Asia Pacific and South Africa in the near future.


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