Transfer Smart News: RDO Claims Spain’s Timeshare Industry as Extremely Robust

Today, several owners are trying to get out of their timeshares while many consumers avoid such vacation properties. This may be due to the fact that timeshares are associated with a number of disadvantages. Meanwhile, scams and misspelling practices are also prevalent in the timeshare industry. And to protect the consumers, the Claims Directive was setup in Europe particularly in Spain. However, the Resort Development Organization or RDO has countered suggestions Spain faces timeshare troubles by confirming the stability of the world’s shared ownership marketplace.

In a response issued by the RDO against a statement posted online by Claims Directive, the industry body said that the timeshare industry both in Spain, the rest of Europe and USA as well as other international territories is extremely robust. RDO continued that some of the world’s biggest hotel brands operate within the timeshare industry, such as Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Disney and Four Seasons. Timeshare owners recently reported high levels of satisfaction with their timeshares.

RDO further stated that there are 1.5 million owners in Europe, 48% of these own in Spain while there are 345 resorts. Last 2007 alone, €3.2 million was generated by the industry, €957 million of which came from timeshare sales. RDO stressed that the assertions of fact made by Claims Directive are incorrect and misleading.

On the other hand, one of RDO’s main responsibilities as a watchdog organization in the timeshare industry is to crack down on fraud particularly regarding vacation properties. RDO has been working already with the authorities in Spain and the Canary Islands to have bogus holiday operators shut down. In fact, 51 holiday clubs already were forced to close in the last 18 months alone.


One response to “Transfer Smart News: RDO Claims Spain’s Timeshare Industry as Extremely Robust

  1. Not mentioned in the article is that Claims Directive was set up by a former manager of one of Europe’s largest timeshare developers. Furthermore, the company has links to a holiday club – these are products that RDO and official bodies such as the OFT in the UK are concerned about. In fact, the OFT has been quoted as saying they’ve not come across a single holiday club that’s not bogus.

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