Transfer Smart News: Pennsylvania AG Reaches Timeshare Settlement with Bluegreen Corp.

The scams and mis-selling practices are bringing a negative image for the timeshare industry these days. As a result, many owners want to get out of their timeshare contracts while the consumers are avoiding such vacation property. Meanwhile, there are also several cases filed against timeshare providers and recently, the Pennsylvania Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection reached a settlement with Florida-based timeshare Bluegreen Corp. The said settlement addressed complaints alleging the practice of misleading sales presentations and deceptive contests.

The agreement known as a Consent Decree, resolves a consumer protection lawsuit filed in 2008. In this settlement, Bluegreen has agreed to cancel contracts and pay refunds. On the other hand, timeshare advocate Attorney Susan Budowwki said that it’s about time that someone begins to hold these companies accountable for their deplorable sales tactics. All across the US, states receive several complaints regarding these types of practices. Budowski added that, sadly this is only one company and is barely the tip of the iceberg as every day there are timeshare companies that prey on consumers using the same tactics.

Moreover, Budowski conveys that the multi-billion dollar size and profits of the timeshare industry will make this a continual uphill battle protecting consumers from this type of abuse. She further stated that hopefully more states will crack down on other timeshare resorts operating in a similar fashion and now more than ever, especially in this economy, states need to protect their citizens.

This case of timeshare settlement is just one of the many cases filed against some companies involved in scams and mis-selling practices. However, as vacation option like timeshare ownership is associated with such activities, potential consumers are warned to be cautious when dealing with timeshare companies or salespersons.


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