Transfer Smart News: Timeshare Industry Celebrates Decades of Success

Although many scams were reported and a number of owners try to get out of their timeshares for the recent years, this industry has something to celebrate also after decades of operation. The timeshare industry is known for its innovative products, sought-after locations and exceptional service. And it has never been more flexible, more sophisticated or more affordable than now. As overseas property markets decline, the timeshare and fractional ownership properties offer viable, accessible alternative to whole holiday home ownership.

In the May issue of Perspective magazine, Nick Turner, who heads up the European division of The Registry Collection, talks about the changing landscape of global shared ownership and how new fractional developments have shot into the media spotlight, particularly in the UK and Irish press.

According to Urner, what’s been surprising is where the new models and markets appear to be moving, and certainly fractional ownership seems to be eclipsing any other shared ownership model in terms of appetite from the press to cover it as an acceptable alternative to whole ownership. He added that the sheer variety of markets is a testament to the international opportunities in the timeshare and fractional world.

Moreover, Turner pointed out that The Registry Collection is more than just an exchange programme. Registry has been created as a lifestyle programme where people buy quite stunning pieces of vacation resorts, real estate and get access to what soon will be 200+ resorts around the world. But it has some great benefits, such as a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week global concierge and lounge access.


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