Smart Ways to Vacation Aside from Timeshares

Timeshare ownership is no doubt one of the most popular ways of vacationing these days. Despite the number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares every year, people are attracted with this kind of scheme because it seems like budget-friendly compared to staying in a traditional resort or hotel for a vacation. But the other side of this option, are the scams and frauds.

When acquiring a timeshare, take note that there’s an initial cost of about thousands of dollars. You will also be paying annual maintenance, property taxes, management fees, upgrade costs and other fees for the resort. Timeshares also offer trading programs. Thus, allowing the owners to exchange weeks of timeshare through many resorts and places. Again, there are extra charges for this trading. Meanwhile, when the owner decides to sell the timeshare, the value is usually depreciated for about 30%-50% from its original price.

On the other hand, holiday resorts and hotels are earning multi-billion dollar and as part of its innovations offer new concepts and alternatives. One of these is a subscription to a resort hotel. You have to pay once but you can enjoy the privileges and benefits of the resort for a long time. In addition, there is no annual fee or maintenance or even taxes. But depending on the type of the resort or hotel, payment may run within the range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Like timesharing also, make sure you have read the printed documents concerning this vacation option and check the other important details before signing up for a subscription. When you check online, some sites may offer lifetime membership but it will cost you a lot or with limited subscriptions with a given specific period of stay. Some resort membership though, does not only limit you with one station but a full access with other units within the network of resorts the company is affiliated to worldwide.


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