Transfer Smart News: Timeshare Company Faces Settlement Issues

When the financial crisis broke out in the late of 1997, many owners are trying to get out of their timeshares and the sales of such properties have dramatically dropped. With these, timeshare operators must come up with sales tactics to boost their sales. However, as they came up with a number of tactics, some have gone up to mis-selling practices and even worst, some were involved in scams.

Take for example the case of Bluegreen Resorts.Three years ago, it has been reported that this company were accused of misspelling and deceptive sales practices. This company has a timeshare property next to the Hershey Outlets as well as other places all over the country. It has been said that Bluegreen made incredible prize offers that if consumers sat through a 90 minute presentation, they were promised four free airline tickets. But these tickets came with expensive strings attached.

As Attorney General Tom Corbett said, you were supposed to win airline tickets, but in the very detailed fine print, there were all kind of exceptions to that like you had to stay overnight for eight days at a Bluegreen property. It showed that it was clearly misleading and false advertising. In addition to deceptive contests, Corbett says Bluegreen violated the “Do Not Call” list by calling people on the list, and it pressured consumers into signing such expensive timeshare contracts.

With more than 100 consumer complaints, the attorney general sued Bluegreen, and now there’s a settlement. For people who were promised prizes and didn’t get them will get the cash value of the prize while those who were called on the “Do Not Call” list will receive $100. On the other hand, there’s a big break for consumers who were pressured into signing timeshare contracts, in some cases worth $20,000 to $40,000.

With the settlement, it shows that justice will be done for those victims of such fraud and mis-selling practices. It also served as a lesson for those people looking for vacation offers to be cautious about such deals.


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