Just Another Facts that You Should Know About Timeshares

Despite the negative views and warnings about timeshares, many holidaymakers still opt for this type of vacationing. You can’t also deny the fact that such option is still attractive to vacationers regardless of the number of owners who trying to get out of their timeshares every year. However, for those potential owners eager to avail of such option, this article will present a number of points that they should consider before buying one.

First, bear in mind that timeshares are not a good financial investment regardless of what a timeshare sales rep tells you. If you buy from a developer, take note that you are paying all their marketing expenses. The resale value of most timeshares also is less than half of what they are sold for by most developers.

Meanwhile, timeshares are a good investment in your lifestyle if you want to raise your level of travel extravagance. Most often, when people talk about timeshares being a rip-off, they are comparing their cost to what it costs to stay in moderate-budget hotels. But the real comparison should be between deluxe hotels and timeshares.

With timeshares, you won’t save money on your vacation travel, but you will increase your enjoyment and comfort. If you are strictly a budget traveler, then timeshares are probably not something worth spending your money on. But if you like to relax in the room and you feel cramped in hotel rooms, then timesharing would be great for you.

Moreover, timeshares as your chosen vacation option are self-service. With this, you can have a nice luxurious accommodation, but you won’t get a 24-hour room service.  There’s usually no room service because you have a kitchen and laundry, and sheets are generally only changed mid-week for a 7-day stay.


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