Transfer Smart News: Interval International Suggests Stronger Timeshare Rules in the Bahamas

The timeshare industry had already withstood the recent recession. This also means overcoming its challenges like the how to boost sales and how to minimize the number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares. But in the Bahams, a stronger regulatory environment is being suggested as key to encouraging more timeshare business. The suggestion is seen as one way to boost visitor arrivals to the destination.

It’s a recommendation coming from top executives at Interval International which is one of the leading timeshare companies in the world. According to David Gilbert, Exec VP of resort Sakes and Marketing, one thing that companies that have been in the business for a long time and have a vested stake in the industry would like to see, and is in progress as they speak, is a constructive regulatory environment. They’d like to see laws in place that protect its consumers. He added that it’s very good for Caribbean countries to implement constructive legislation that is not so restrictive that developers can’t build and sell but structured so that it protects the consumer.

This is especially true for countries like The Bahamas that have good potential for high volume sales. Gilbert said that this country’s close proximity to the US and the significant airlift from that market makes it an even better candidate for timeshare growth in this market.

Some of the benefits attached to such a development ranged from not only increasing visitor dollar spend but also holds great potential for further expansion of this nation’s vacation option industry. Moreover, it’s an area that has suffered under the weight of the recession slashing the ability of many potential owners to buy into the Bahama dream. Still, before any benefits can come, Gilbert said that developers needed to see more laws in place.


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