Transfer Smart News: RCI Adds 100 New Timeshare Resorts in 2009

The recent financial which broke out in the late of 2007 had affected almost all companies severely. But despite this, the RCI, which is one of the biggest timeshare vacation accommodation networks, managed to add 100 new resorts in 2009. This just proves that the vacation industry is unruffled by the economic meltdown. According to the announcements made by RCI, this includes ten properties that are under development.

During this period, this conglomerate added other properties to their network like Palace Vacation Club, Fairmont Properties, and the Disney Vacation Club. Geoff Ballotti, the CEO of the group, stated that developers were wise to the fact that collaborating with a reputed exchange company helps them to reduce costs and at the same time increase sales.

He also added that new high quality affiliates were attracted to his company due to its ongoing commitment of providing some of the most innovative solutions and marketing services. These should not be treated as a surprised, keeping in mind the number of firsts that are attributed to this company, including launching of the weeks exchange. This company was also the first to offer points exchange, and putting into operation high end luxury exchange.

In 2009, RCI has also launched their video network. Despite the number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares nowadays, the members of this network can also learn about the latest prospects along with the benefits of vacation ownership. Moreover, RCI has also expanded overseas and the year 2010 should witness further additions to the RCI network.


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