A Smart Comparison between a Fixed and a Floating Timeshare Week Unit

Timeshare ownership is no doubt one of the most popular vacation options these days. Although there are negative feedbacks about this form of vacationing especially from those owners who are eager to get out of their timeshares, there are still thousands of holidaymakers who opt for this every year. However, any potential owners must decide whether to select a fixed or floating unit and a fixed or floating week.

A fixed unit means that your unit will be a pre-agreed upon unit that you will occupy every year as you go on your timeshare vacation. A floating unit on the other hand means that you will have a unit that is up to the standards and specifications that you purchased but it might not be the same unit from year to year. With the latter, the views and amenities will be of the same caliber but the units will differ.

In a fixed week, you know which week you will be vacationing at your timeshare each year. The week won’t always fall on the exact same dates though but the dates will always be within a few days of each other. Thus, if you decide to go with a fixed week, you’ll want to make sure that it falls within the month that you routinely take vacations.

For a floating week, there’s typically a range of weeks that you can choose from and the year will often be broken up into quarters, but they will more closely match seasonal occupancy than the calendar year. The price point also depends on the desirability of the week. Some weeks are prime peak weeks and will cost more than to have your floating weeks off season or slightly off peak.

Whether you choose fixed or floating week, timeshare as your vacation option must depends on your lifestyle and job. If you always take your vacation the same time every year, then a fixed week is best for you. While for people with more flexibility in their scheduling and those who don’t like being forced to schedule their vacation a year in advance, it will be best to opt for a floating week timeshare.


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