Transfer Smart News: New Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office Warns of Timeshare Scam

Most scams in the vacation ownership industry often victimize those owners who try to get out of their timeshares. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the top consumer complaints these days. Recently, the New Mexico Attorney General’s office says you need to know about a company offering to sell your timeshare and it claims to have an office in Albuquerque.

If you look at the Timeshare Goldline website, you wouldn’t notice anything suspicious but the state says it’s a group itching to get its hands on your money. It promises to sell your timeshare and it says that in this economy, it’ll be taking a financial burden off your back.

According to Rebecca Branch, deputy director of Consumer Protection for the Attorney General’s office, basically people with timeshares will get these kinds of cold calls from the company saying that they have buyers lined up in their office now. The company tells the seller to pay for closing costs to cover the sale of the timeshare. Branch added that they’ve seen people send out anywhere from nine hundred to three thousand dollars and they haven’t gotten any type of return.

So far, the state has gotten three complaints. Goldline Timeshare claims its office is located between beautiful downtown Albuquerque and the Cibola National Forest but that’s not true as the office is actually a post office box in northeast Albuquerque.

As there are several owners eager to get rid of their timeshares, scams like this are expected. Meanwhile, complaints against the Goldline were filed in Arkansas and the attorney general there was able to get money back for the people scammed. Now, New Mexico’s Attorney General’s office is hoping to do the same.


One response to “Transfer Smart News: New Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office Warns of Timeshare Scam

  1. We were contacted by them to sell our timeshare at Westgate Gatlingburg, TN and we paid up front $2499.00 for cost to get the paper work started and that was 04-02-10 and today no money for our unit. They will not give you any info-they always say they have to get more papers from Westgate or some papers are not complete yet. We want our $2499.00 back as we think they are crooks.

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