Smart Things to Ask Before Buying a Timeshare

When planning to buy a timeshare, you should make sure that you’re not heading into a potential trap. Unfortunately, this is the case of many owners today and all they could do is try to get out of their timeshares. Remember that consumer awareness is considered a necessity and luckily, there are some ways to be satisfied when you make your purchase, and know exactly what you’re getting.

First, ask to see the unit as there is a potential for you to impulse buy. Salesmen will push you aggressively to buy a timeshare, right then and there. But don’t be taken in by the pressure and instead, investigate your options. It’s a given that you should know what you are paying for but also make sure you really do before you buy.

Another obvious piece of information that you should ask are the maintenance fees. Try to ask if these fees are usually the same each year, or have a history of increasing every year or two. Also, inquire about other associated fees, like special assessments. Take the time to go over every possible fee.

Meanwhile, some timeshare companies allow you to exchange your timeshare without having to go through the hassle of working through and paying for a timeshare exchange company. Make note that this is important to you, and you may be offered other discounts or specials.

When purchasing a timeshare, don’t be a passive buyer. Make your timeshare experience work for you unlike some owners today who end up trying to get rid of their timeshares. Remember that the market is always there and salespeople need to sell the timeshares. You should be in control by being in the know.


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