Owning a Timeshare Smartly Through the Secondary Market

The secondary timeshare market gained popularity and has increased in recent years with people wanting to get out of their timeshares. However, this is advantageous for a buyer to purchase a secondary timeshare. But you must beware of scams and fraud associated with the purchase. Typically, buying on the secondary market is almost the same as buying on the resale market.

Before buying, research the timeshare you want. Do an extensive research especially within the secondary timeshare market. It is essential to find out if the agency or company being used is reputable or, if an individual is selling, ask why that person is doing so.

Find out if the timeshare offers the amenities and is at a location you’re looking for. One of the advantages when buying on the secondary market is that you save money. It can save money on fees that the buyer usually gets stuck with when purchasing on the primary market like promotions and marketing fees.

Meanwhile, watch out for hidden fees and other hidden problems within the timeshare you choose. Some secondary timeshare sales sound good, but once the fees and other expenses are totaled, the resale opportunity was not what it originally seemed. Beware also of the condition of a “used” timeshare and make sure all the pre-conditions are made known before buying. Moreover, understand the buyer’s rights. Identify what are the rights of the buyer in terms of purchasing a secondary timeshare.

Today, there are several owners who are trying to get rid of their timeshares. This made the secondary market an advantage for those who want to buy a timeshare as this can save and has a variety of options. With the many different kinds of timeshares offered at many different locations, a timeshare can be purchased in the location and for the price the buyer is looking for.


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