Transfer Smart News: City Council Suggests a Smaller Timeshare Expansion for Aspen Club

This year might be a good time for business expansions as the road to economic recovery is already on sight. Despite the number of owners who are trying to get out of their timeshares, some timeshare companies are not threatened as they are eager to pursue their expansion plans. Just like the Aspen Club which is in constant battle to win the favor of the City Council for their expansion proposal and after three years in government review and conceptual approval by the Aspen City Council, the elected officials told Aspen Club owner Michael Fox to make his timeshare condo and facility expansion smaller.

The council also put a set of conditions on the project that Fox will have to meet before it approves the proposal. Beyond the pending issues of whether the development will provide enough community benefit and other concerns, some council members said the proposal is too big and dense.

According to Councilman Steve Skadron, the size and density of the project is an issue for him. He also noted that the council has been distracted with other concerns of the project and hasn’t focused on the land-use aspect.

The proposal is asking for the property at the end of Ute Avenue to be rezoned from residential to accommodate 20 timeshare condos and a 55,000-square-foot expansion for a healthy living retreat center called Aspen Club Living. The timeshare units on the other hand would be comprised of 14 townhomes and six condos, as well as 12 affordable housing units. Fox said that they are willing to discuss reducing the size of the development but it could affect the project’s financial viability.

Currently, the challenges face by the timeshare industry such as the economic climate and the owners who are trying to get rid of their timeshares may already decline. But for some timeshare companies such as the Aspen Club, there is still a greater challenge to combat with for their planned expansion. As the City Council suggests to make the expansion smaller, it would on the other hand affect its targeted sustainability.


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