Transfer Smart News: New Online Marketplace Offers an Easier Timeshare Exchange

In US alone, there are nearly 3 million timeshare owners and aside from wanting to get out of their timeshares, many of them go on trading their unit. However, when it comes to this option, most will probably say it’s a giant pain. But one company that was born out of this necessity is the According to Mike Blackwell, the company founder and President, timeshare owners are frustrated for years at the difficulty in trading for a comparable unit in another nice resort destination. He added that, it’s nearly impossible to get what you want, when you want it.

Nowadays, exchanging a timeshares will not be easy and typically entails a significant amount of cost. With most of the existing services available today, timeshare owners typically need to pay an annual membership fee and deposit their vacation week at least a year in advance. Blackwell said that the process just doesn’t work well for timeshare owners who oftentimes settle for anything they can get. That’s why he launched the

Any timeshare owner can visit where they can easily view resorts all over the country. Then, they can search by resort or location, find the unit and the week they want, and then decide if they want to offer up an exchange by listing their unit. It acts as a marketplace and intermediary between the two owners and keeps the process simple and straightforward. There is no charge to list or search listings but there will be a certain fee when a unit is booked.

Many of the owners today want to get rid of their timeshares while some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart to get rid of it. On the other hand, timeshare exchange also is gaining its popularity as it adds variety for the owners. But most of the available ways to do it will not be easy for the owners and usually involves a significant cost, the offers a new solution to this and as well as making the exchange much easier.


One response to “Transfer Smart News: New Online Marketplace Offers an Easier Timeshare Exchange

  1. Philippe,

    I appreciate the blog post and your post is spot on. Within a month we will support trades at over 1000 resorts (most timeshare resorts in N. America).

    The fee you mentioned that we charge is $99 but we only charge if/when you get and approve the trade you want (never have to deposit and can make unlimited requests). Also, we back up all trades with a guarantee that the resort confirmation for the exchange will be authentic (we cover the costs if you go on vacation and it isn’t).

    This is usually the point where people ask me “what is the catch?” and one person who called actually asked for a job and added “it’s about time someone made it this easy and risk free to get an exchange you want.” There’s no catch but we always appreciate any feedback so feel free to call or email me (

    Mike Blackwell

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