Transfer Smart News: Fraudsters Targets Timeshare Owners in Cape Coral

While stuck paying almost $900 a year in maintenance fees they can’t afford for his two-week ownership in the unit, Michael Piccininni, 75, needs to get out of his timeshare he bought 17 years ago at a resort in Williamsburg, Va.  Upon seeing a glimmer of hope in the empty promises of some con artists, he is just one of those thousands of other owners which the scammers have descended.

At his Cape Coral home, Piccininni gets calls and postcards weekly from companies that want to sell his timeshare or claim to have a buyer. Then, the call followed by asking an upfront fee of $900. As he said, “I’m a desperate man and when you are desperate, you do desperate things.” He added that he didn’t realize what a burden the lifetime obligation of maintenance fees would be.

On the other hand, Michael Kohl of Leesburg, said he’s been trying for years to sell a Lehigh Acres timeshare he bought for $3,700 in 1982 for $800. According to him, scam operations are always calling to purchase or rent his timeshares but he’s come to realize that an upfront payment is always a scam.

The case of the two discussed above are just some of the thousands of owners who are stuck in the same position. We all know that today, there is an increasing number of owners who are trying to get rid of their timeshares. Some of them even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart just to get rid of it. However, as the need to unload such properties is very important for many owners these days, scammers should be watch out for as they usually operate in convincing and tempting ways.


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