Transfer Smart News: Florida Timeshare Resale Company Faces Lawsuit from AG

Florida has become a haven of timeshares with a number of resorts situated in the area. Despite the number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares today, this state still attracts many tourists. This state also housed different businesses regarding timeshares. While the scams are prevalent in the timeshare industry, this area is not exempted from such cases. Recently, Florida’s attorney general has sued a Broward County company that charged customers money upfront to help them recover money from a timeshare resale company, but failed to deliver promised services.

JB’s Omega Tours Corp., which does business as Recovery Resources, and owner Joshua Baillie are named in the said litigation. It is alleged that Baillie contacted previous customers of Vacation Property Trader, a company which Bill McCollum’s office investigated in January 2009 for potentially unfair business practices. Last May, VPTI entered into an agreement with McCollum’s office to resolve complaints.

According to the lawsuit, Recovery Resources claimed to be working with the attorney general’s office to help in recovery efforts. Consumers, on the other hand, reported that after they made payments to Baillie, they were unable to contact the company and never received their money back. McCollum’s office has been granted an injunction against Recovery Resources that prevents it from representing itself as having an association with his office.

As there are many owners trying to sell their timeshares today, there may still be several resale companies out there eager to make business from such situation. On the other hand, some owners turn to timeshare transfer companies such as the Transfer Smart to get rid of their timeshares. While these firms may to get rid timeshares, some are nothing but scams preying on unsuspecting timeshare owners.


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