Transfer Smart News: Perspective Magazine Pioneers Timeshare & Fractional Ownership Social Networking Site

The last two years may have been for any industry including the timeshare industry. It was characterized by low sales and many owners trying to get out of their timeshares. But this year indicates economic recovery, even at a slow pace. For most timeshare companies and other stakeholders, this is also the time to extend their best efforts to regain the status of the industry. One of these efforts was done by the Perspective Magazine. Being considered the leading monthly publication for the shared ownership industry, it has again created another industry first. It has pioneered a standalone social networking platform based on the most popular features of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all on one site.

The Perspective Forums has been created to encourage communication between developers, marketers and suppliers of the timeshare and fractional ownership industry on a global scale. Thus, providing opportunities for forging new alliances and collaborations, as well as discuss pertinent issues and learn what’s currently working best in the sales and marketing arena.

The said site is loaded with features that include creating or joining and participating in groups and forums, extended profiles, adding friends, avatar and gravatar enabled, email notifications, rss feeds for favourite topics, private messaging, status updates, member directories and blogs included in the first release alone. With these, it is anticipated to become a smash hit with industry professionals looking to network with others in their marketplace.

The said move by the Perspective Magazine is aimed to improve the timeshare industry as well as combat the issue of increasing number of owners trying to get rid of their units. Some of these owners even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart. On the other hand, according to Said Paul Mattimoe, CEO of Perspective International, they created the free to use networking platform to encourage their extensive magazine readership to interact with each other and discuss useful topics relating to their industry.


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