Transfer Smart News: Timeshare Owners Advised to do Vaccination Research

This year, as many owners get out of their timeshare units in US, availing such property to other countries might be a good idea. Other timeshare destinations abroad might offer a new vacation experience and maybe even cheaper compared in US. But as these owners head to other countries, they have been advised to do their research before going off on holiday to find out whether or not they need vaccinations.

More than half or 56% of holidaymakers are unsure which countries they need vaccines for. As Dr. Peter Swinyard, chairman of the family doctor association noted, many of the vaccines that are recommended before heading to certain countries are normally available on the NHS. His comments came after a research from Post Office Travel Insurance revealed that more than half or 56% of holidaymakers are unsure which countries they need vaccines for.

Meanwhile, nearly half or 44% of holidaymakers were found to not carry out research into whether vaccinations or medicines were recommended before going abroad. In addition, something that may be of concern to traveler is the swine flu. The Director of immunization at the Department of Health Professor David Salisbury recently said that he would like to see more people receive the vaccination against the virus.

Some owners today try to get rid of their timeshares here in US and opt to own another one in other countries. These eager holidaymakers even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart just to get rid of such property. However, before they take off to other countries, they are advised to their vaccination research. As Dr. Swinyard stated, when going on holiday, being ill is the last thing you want to happen, particularly if any illness could have been prevented.


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