Smart Ways to Negotiate Pet Clauses in Timeshares

For some owners, they get out of their timeshares because of unsatisfactory services and amenities. On the other hand, some potential owners are hesitant to buy certain timeshares because of some restrictions or the lack of service that they’re looking for in that certain unit. A small portion of these potential owners have problems when it comes to bringing their pets in their chosen timeshares. Generally, when it comes to timeshare vacations, there’s bad news for dog and cat lovers.

According to many of the experts, the rules of timeshares are generally even more rigid than those of hotels when it comes to bringing pets. The vast majority of timeshare rentals won’t even consider a dog or cat in the space. Here are some solutions available to tenacious negotiators of a pet claws.

First, try to seek out specialty timeshares. Some timeshare properties do cater to cats and dogs, especially with other pet-friendly enterprises on the rise.  Then, discuss the fees for pets. Some timeshares accept pets but with a cleaning fee attached.

Also, you may find other timeshare renters who want to keep pets. It may help you negotiate a specific unit in a timeshare enterprise since you could virtually ensure a constant rental of the pet-friendly unit. Moreover, get that pet-friendly unit booked long-term.

Today, there are many owners trying to get rid of their timeshares while some of them even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart. Despite this, there are still several others who go into this form of vacationing and for a small portion of these who have difficulties with regard to bringing their pets in their timeshare vacations, the above-mentioned points might guide you to resolve such issue.


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