Smart Ways to Spot Timeshare Frauds during Sales Pitches

A timeshare is a vacation property that you purchase rights to use at certain period of the year. This can be an awesome way to guarantee a lifetime of vacation memories. But with the increasing number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares, implies that this form of vacationing is becoming unattractive in the eyes of many consumers. Also, one of the unattractive parts of such property are the scams associated with it. This article talks about how to timeshare frauds during sales presentations.

Recognizing a timeshare presentation as a fraud can be harder than you may think. The first clues often appear before you even get to your destination. Some websites that offer you a rebate on your trip, but require you to give out personal information such as your credit card number are just pre-qualifying you as a viable target. Once they have this information, they’ll inform you that you need to attend a presentation in order to get the rebate or other reward that you had been promised.

Another sign that you are being targeted by a fraudulent timeshare scheme is if they tell you that the offer is only good today and if they start using high pressure and intimidation tactics to get you to sign the contract. If you go to a presentation and see hard sell like this, beware!

Nowadays, several owners are trying to get out of their timeshares. Some of them even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart. While the number of these owners is increasing, scams in this industry is also growing and operate in many unsuspecting ways. However, being able to spot it beforehand will prevent you from being a victim such fraudulent acts.


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