Top Critical Factors to Smartly Sell a Timeshare

Selling a timeshare is said to be a demanding task and frustrating in many ways. There are many reasons why owners want to get out from their timeshare contracts. It might be trying to eliminate the cost of annual fees or simply you just want a new and different timeshare. But whatever your reason is, you want to sell your timeshare in a fast and effective way.

There are many factors that affect the timeshare sales and timeshare resales. This might include the amenities of the resort or the size of the timeshare unit. But above all other aspects, the top critical factors in selling a timeshare can be boiled down to two: the price and visibility.

First, you must price your timeshare competitively so that people have a reason to buy it instead of buying from a resort. This does not mean that you will just give your timeshare away. But if yours is priced higher than many others on the resale market, you could be left holding on to it for a long time.

The other critical factor in selling a timeshare is visibility. That means that you must advertise it in a global marketplace for interested timeshare buyers to know. With the supply of timeshares being outstripping its demand, you must make an effort to inform potential buyers either locally or internationally.

If you find yourself wanting to get rid of you timeshare, you are not alone. While some owners just plainly get rid of their timeshares by hiring a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart, you can still recover some amount that you paid for your unit by selling it. By paying attention to the two critical factors cited above, the opportunity to sell your timeshare might improve considerably.


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