Smartly Differentiating a Timeshare Scam and Hard-sell Tactics

As we can see today, the timeshare industry is reaping a negative image due to scams. As a result, many consumers resist in owning such property while some current owners try to get out of their timeshare contracts. But it must be cleared out that there is a difference between timeshare scams and hard-sell tactics used by timeshare brokers. As you encounter timeshare brokers who use such tactics you need to understand that this is not illegal but it is very unethical.

Hard-sell tactics can be easily identified if you know what to look for. Examples of such tactics are when a broker tells you that they will give you a large discount if you sign this contract right away, or if the broker attacks your ego by saying something like well you must not be the right kind of person for a deal like this. So just keep in mind that you should never sign anything right there, instead bring the information home and look through it and maybe even let a lawyer read through it.

Now, in contrast to a timeshare scam, you might want to start with the sales pitch. A common practice of this is to offer potential clients gifts if they come and sit through a timeshare sales presentation and these gifts that are do not always turn out to be what you would expect. Other scams usually involve paying an upfront fee and those timeshare reps would be gone without notice.

While many owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares these days and some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart, some people are still interested in the idea of timesharing. However, in buying a timeshare, they should be aware of those scams and hard-sell tactics.


One response to “Smartly Differentiating a Timeshare Scam and Hard-sell Tactics

  1. Thanks for your column. So is TransferSmart actually legitimate? I’ve had a look at their website and can’t tell what they actually do in order to get people out from under their timeshare contracts. Can you shed a bit more light on this? Thanks.

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