Transfer Smart News: Improving Dollar Exchange Rates Pleases Timeshare Owners

Despite the increasing number of owners who want to get out of their timeshares, some timeshare owners heading to the US were pleased to hear that the exchange rate situation is improving. This is also a good news for timeshare owners heading to places where the currency is used.

Consequently, the British timeshare owners looking to travel to places where the dollar is used can also expect their pounds to get them more in areas such as the US, Hong Kong and Dubai as explained by long-haul specialist Hayes & Jarvis. In addition, the company pointed out that the sales of East Caribbean dollars rose by 70% in October while purchases of Hong Kong dollars rose by 14%.

Last month, the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries at the US Department of Commerce projected that international travel to the country will rebound by 3% by the end of 2010. Sharron Livingston, editor at on the other hand, said that the appeal of New York often transcends any other factors such as exchange rates. Even so, she added that the hoteliers in New York are not taking their chances and are frantically reducing room rates.

Along with the improving dollar exchange rate is the recovering economy of US. Currently, there are still many owners who are getting rid of their timeshares while some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart as part of their reduced spending measures. Regardless of this, there are already signs showing that the economy is bouncing back. As the timeshare industry is concerned, the coming years would be great to regain of what had been lost due to the recent economic crisis.


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