Disney Announces Smart Administrative Changes for Timeshare Business

transfer smartThe recent economic decline in the US has affected all the business within the country. This resulted to low sales for the firms and encourages them to reduce their operating cost. On the other hand, this makes the people hold their purchasing power and opt for cheaper substitutes since they have to survive during these difficult times. The timeshare industry is no excuse for this. As many owners are trying to get out of their timeshare properties, the timeshare companies are also finding ways to increase sales and battle the economic downturn.

One notable timeshare company who just announced its strategy to overcome such difficult times is the Disney Vacation Club. Saying it will be adjusting its salary and bonus strategy to give its timeshare staff more incentives and increase timeshare sales in the process.

The said administrative changes were announced by the company last month. Also, the company will be reducing the base pay of the front line timeshare sales staff by 10 percent but will be increasing bonus payments for those who reach certain objectives.

According to Rena Langley, a spokesperson for the Disney Vacation Club, they have made changes to the pay structure among the advance sales associates to provide more reward and recognition to top performers. If these changes work, the Disney timeshares sales staff will have the chance to earn more if they reach certain milestones.

With the economic downturn, the decrease of sales becomes the regular sights for the timeshare companies as there are several owners trying to get rid of their timeshare units. Some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart just to get rid of it. With this, most timeshare companies are looking for innovative ways to minimize spending and at the same time increase sales.


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