Smart Facts about Timeshares and Its Implications on Taxes

transfer smartIf you buy a timeshare today, you expect that there will be implications on taxes. Timeshares are significant purchases which mean that there must be certain tax rules to be applied. For those owners also who want to get out of their timeshares by donating it or renting it out, they have to be aware also of its corresponding tax returns.

In assessing the taxes of your timeshare, it varies on the state where it is located. Some performs individual assessments of the weeks and identify the tax separately from the maintenance fees. Some might bill you directly. If neither is done, it’s likely that your timeshare is assessed as part of the assessment of the entire resort. Moreover, if your property taxes on the timeshare you bought are deductible on your tax return and you have multiple timeshares, you will be able to claim deductions on taxes if all of them have been stated individually or billed separately.

Another implication on your tax returns is when you buy a timeshare and later rent it out. Whatever earnings you gain from this transaction will be considered as an income and must be reported as such. When you donate your timeshares to charity, the allowable deduction regarding your timeshare property will be its fair market value at the time of the donation.

There are different tax rules applied when buying, renting out, or donating a timeshare. Most owners find these taxes as additional costs to their timeshares and thus, make it less attractive for any potential owner. Take note that there is an increasing number of owners nowadays who want to get rid of their timeshares. Some even hire a timeshare transfer company like the Transfer Smart just to get rid of such property. So, before doing any transaction mentioned above, better aware of the implications of these to taxes to have a better deal.


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