Transfer Smart Alert: Timeshare Owner Sheds Money Due to a Confusing Deal

transfer smartCurrently, the timeshare industry is already flooded with scammers and defrauders. These con artists are creative enough to manoeuvre their methods in a way that might seem legal. No wonder why some individuals are hesitant to own a timeshare nowadays and some owners are trying to get out of their timeshares because of these cases. This article will present the story of a woman who spent more money due to timeshare confusion or nevertheless we can call it a scam.

A woman named Shelby Josey owns a vacation timeshare condo at the Myrtle Beach Wyndham Resort. In August, she attended a meeting at Wyndham to buy more vacation time and Wyndham offered Josey 192,000 points for $30,000. The salesperson then convinced her to sign a contract and use her credit card for a $7500 down payment rest assured they would not run her card until she reach home to get her the approval of his husband. Later, she found out that the salesperson already credited her Discover Card for $7500 during that day and they were not even supposed to do that. Consequently, Josey mailed a cancellation letter within the five day cancellation period and tried calling Wyndham Resort. Later, a Wyndham representative told her they could not reverse the sale because she did not cancel it in writing.

The story mentioned above is just one of the increasing cases of timeshare deals that have gone wrong. Scams are a common thing in the timeshare industry nowadays. It is one of the disadvantages that the owners are trying to avoid. Take note that there is an increasing number of owners who are trying to get rid of their timeshares and some even hire a timeshare transfer company like the Transfer Smart just to get rid of it. So, before dealing with timeshare matters, be extra cautious and, as much as possible, put your agreements into writing to avoid such scams from happening.


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