Smart Consumers Beware as Timeshare Scammers Remain at Large

transfer smartTimeshare scams are prevalent in Somerset, according to Trading Standards officers. Officers in the Somerset County Council are still collecting information regarding resale scams as a part of an international investigation headed by the Office of Fair Trading. The usual victims of these scams are those owners trying to get out of their timeshares.

Hundreds of pounds have been lost already by Somerset citizens due to timeshare reselling scams and yet the timeshare scammers continue to remain at large. They still continue to defraud people asking for even more money. Currently, the cases of timeshare scams have increased with the recession as owners are trying to turn their timeshares into cash. Last year, there were 56 consumer complaints about timeshare received by the Somerset Trading Standards.

Usually, owners are approached via phone and offered a considerable high price for their timeshare unit. Then, the victim is asked to pay some money in advance to guarantee the sale. But these sales will not be completed and the victims are unable to retrieve their money.

The scams often prey on vulnerable people. Those owners desperate enough in getting rid of their timeshares are the common victims. Especially with this economic downturn, there are several timeshare owners who are very eager to sell their timeshares just to recover some costs that they originally paid for that property. Therefore, if you suspect that an offer is too good to be true, do not accept it and get advice as soon as possible. In getting rid of your timeshare, you can try consulting a timeshare transfer company like the Transfer Smart. These companies will aid you to get rid of your timeshare and help you avoid those scams.


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