Transfer to Timeshare Smart Alternatives

transfer smartOver the years, we can’t deny the popularity of timeshares. It has grown dramatically and there are already millions of people owning timeshares worldwide. But just recently, this industry reaped a bad image due to the numerous complains of owners regarding the disadvantages of timeshare ownership. As a result, most of these owners want to get out of their timeshare properties.

Seeing the disadvantages of timeshare ownership, there are some alternatives and concepts that can replace such form of vacationing. One concept is by buying a membership to a resort or hotel. A resort membership is usually a one-time investment and there are typically no annual maintenance fees or taxes. Resort memberships not only include the resort where you bought your membership but also the entire network of resorts that the company offers around the world.

Another new concept is one that allows people to own their own condo within a hotel. This concept allows people to buy a condo within the hotel and allow the purchaser to take advantage of all the amenities within the hotel. If the condo owner is not using the condo, the owner can put it up for rent and receive a percentage of the money that the condo generates. Comparing this one with a timeshare, the hotel condo typically offers better furniture, better amenities, and better services.

The above-mentioned concepts are just some of the alternatives of timeshare ownership. There are still other alternatives out there that you can try as a form of vacationing. Bear in mind that owning a timeshare nowadays is costly. Some owners even hire a timeshare transfer company like the Transfer Smart just to get rid of their timeshares. Those suggested alternatives will help you to still enjoy a great vacation in a wiser and cost-effective way.


One response to “Transfer to Timeshare Smart Alternatives

  1. A great alternative to owning a timeshare is renting one. That is the only way we vacation now. When you rent you get advantages of ownership such as the use of the resort’s amenities and the comfortable spaciousness of the unit. You do even better than ownership because of the typically low cost/night, and the flexibility of being able to stay in a timeshare anywhere you want.

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