Transferring or Selling a Timeshare Smartly

transfer smartOwners selling their vacation timeshares do it for a variety of reasons. Upon hearing the prospect of owning a vacation property for a couple of weeks each year, it sounded like a good investment move. But as time goes by, these owners realize that they are not maximizing the great expense that they have spent in acquiring their timeshares. Much to their disappointment, they just decide to sell them. Some just want to get rid of it and hire a timeshare transfer company like the Transfer Smart to cut the disadvantages involved in owning such property.

Meanwhile, before you sell your timeshare, you may want to identify the reasons for letting it go. If you sell it because you haven’t been able to use your timeshare fully, reselling your property is something that you can probably forego for the moment. There are still numerous possibilities if you want to maximize the use of your property. Try to look at the details of your ownership. If it is part of a resort chain, there’s a possibility that you can exchange points for other travel perks such as plane tickets or other types of accommodation. You can also spend your annual vacation in another chain if your timeshare resort has branches all over the country or even worldwide.

However, if one of your reasons is that you need an extra cash or believe that you’re growing tired of the place, better think it over. Selling it is not as simple as announcing that you are ready to get out of your timeshare property. Usually, timeshare reselling lasts for a considerably long time. For most people, a timeshare is a luxury and only a few of them can understand the perks of owning one.


2 responses to “Transferring or Selling a Timeshare Smartly

  1. On Nov 1st myself and my wife attened a
    program in Rochester, Mn. We decided to get rid of our timeshare at this time, we were told
    that it would cost $3295.00 to do so, we
    agreed to that signed the papers, we did not have
    our checkbook with us so we made an agreemento send apersonal check to their office
    in florence, Ca. I sent the check the following
    day,by fedeal express, it was to arrive there the
    next day , I haven”t heard from anybody so-far
    I have made 3 calls to find out if they received
    my check, and not received an answer, I am very
    disapointed, I don”t know what to do next.
    I was to receive some papers to sign and have
    noterised, haven’t gotten them either.
    I don’t know what to do next , if nobody will get
    back to me.
    I don’t know if you can help me.
    The person who signed us up was Josh
    Skidmore, I tried to e-mail him to no avail,
    His e-maik is
    If you can help me I would be much obliged.
    Thank you very much
    James Rieser

  2. i know what u are going thru. i have tried to sell my timeshare 3 times already. they take ur money so easily because they knowif u call them is because u are ready for anything. when they have ready to give ur money they give all kinds of emails or phone numbers so u can in touch w/them and very persuasive. but when time passes by and nothing happens you try to get in touch w/them and u never find.i never got in touch w.any of the people that told me they would sell my timeshare.
    they are con artist. THEY SWINDLED ME. so i am stuck w/the annual fees for a property i dont use.

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