The Art of Timeshare Bait

transfer smart

Currently, there had been lots of complaints regarding timeshares. But you wonder also, despite its bad reputation nowadays, there is still an increasing number of individuals who purchase such property. The reason lies in timeshare sales presentations. Normally, the timeshare agents offer a free vacation package to any potential owner. Later on, these potential owners ended up signing the contract which entitles them a full authority to use the resort at their own advantage. But as the fees keep coming and start escalating, they realize what a big mistake they’ve made. Thus, most of them decided to get rid of their timeshares.

These owners still wonder how did they end up buying a timeshare and get caught up by the timeshare trap. As a matter of fact, there are so many timeshare owners that end up disappointed about their timeshare purchase.

How did they end up in such a situation lies in the timeshare sales presentation. These sales pitches are high-pressured and hypnotizing that can allure any potential owner.

First, these timeshare developers entice more people to attend their sales presentation by giving financial incentives to participants. Typically, these include items such as gift certificates, discounts on accommodations, or other amenities. By showing pictures of timeshare resorts, the participants surely fall in love with it and ended up signing a contract.

In the long run, the maintenance fees and special assessment fees made these owners want to get rid of their timeshares or seek assistance from timeshare transfer companies like the Transfer Smart to provide them an exit strategy to dump that unwanted timeshare. The best way to avoid this problem is simply turn down the timeshare offers and learn to say no


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