The Advantages and Disadvantages of Timeshare Ownership

transfer smart

Timeshares are fractional ownership of a specific resort property. In owning a timeshare, you purchased the right to use a given property for a certain number of days per year. Until now, there is a lot of misunderstanding about a timeshare and what it does and does not offer. For some owners, there’s a lot to like about this type of property. But, as we often hear or read, we cannot also deny that there are a number of disadvantages in timeshare ownership that made some owners want to get rid of it or seek assistance from timeshare transfer companies like Transfer Smart.

One of the primary advantages of timeshare ownership is that you can go a vacation in a property without having to get a hotel or deal with all the amenities that you cannot get with a hotel like a kitchen and separate bedrooms. With this type of property, you can have the comfort of your own home.

However, one of the weaknesses of timeshare ownership is that although you only use the property for a certain number of days per year, the maintenance costs still continue forever regardless if you have completely paid for the timeshare interest or not. These maintenance costs usually increase every year. Some owners complained that this maintenance fee does not seem unreasonable given that the property needs to be maintained throughout the year and not just when you are using the residence.

For anyone who plans to buy a timeshare, there are several important factors to consider on top of the purchase price. One should make sure that the ongoing maintenance fees are reasonable and not a burden on your budget. Just be aware that there are thousands of owners who are still struggling and wanting to get rid of their timeshares.


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