Finally Timeshare Free?


The credibility of selling and reselling timeshares to eliminate timeshare is getting low with the advent of crimes and tricks in the timeshare industry. Various up front payments such as selling charge, rating fee and other sorts of “fee” have been bringing up negative impressions to potential customers. Refund promise or deposits that are refundable are examples of the sensible strategies that conmen are using these days. The good thing is, buyers have gotten more wary about the unscrupulous payments being asked prior to signing the purchase agreement or contract.

Reselling Preparations – Timeshare owners who are considering reselling their timeshares must make sure that they know how much they are about to get from the sale. If you’re a timeshare owner wanting to sell your timeshare, make sure that you price your timeshare properly to avoid being short-charged. It is a doleful fact, but recently timeshare owners only get as much 10%-30% of the particular price of the property when it was purchased. As compared to real real estate ventures , value of timeshares devaluates over a period since it is more of a plush investment.

Selling Options – One of the most useful strategies in selling timeshares is by giving correct info about the time shared property. Correct information can be a measure of your credibility that the majority of the purchasers are after. Avoid misleading folk just to close a deal and dump your timeshare immediately. Be creative and complete about your promotion and postings but never do exaggerations. If you consider online and offline advertisements, you could have to spend a bit. However, there are internet sites that offer free services for those looking for for timeshare resale. If in case prospective purchasers talk to you thru e-mails or calls, be absolutely sure to be prompt in answering them. Always be ready for another reasonable counter offer to the buyer in case of any bargaining.

Timeshares with Loans – Timeshares with outstanding debts, from the other standpoint, can still be thought about for resale, too. The most suitable choice is to consider refinancing the loan. Nonetheless finding prospective buyers for timeshares with loans on it can be quite complicated. Search for financial establishments that will assist such eventualities. Getting a mortgage refinancing scheme can also be an alternative choice. What is vital is that the loan issue must be settled first before you place your timeshares for resale to increase its marketable price.

Closing the Deal – In the event that the prospective purchaser is happy to sign the contract, do the mandatory legal processes. State everything in the contract or agreement before both parties sign the contract. As much as feasible, seek for any legal assistance or consult timeshare experts on the right way to go thru the entire process. This may reduce the problems that will arise on the way and ensure the timeshare relief that you so wish.

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Scammers Will be Caught

ImageTransfer Smart reports on a man who was caught for being involved in a Craigslist sting. This scam was run by a Meadow Vista man, William Frank Lordier. According to the County Sheriffs they are now looking for the subjects of this scam and Lordier was held for selling timeshares on Craigslist. 

The detective commented, “He used to work for a credible company a long time ago, and he was using their name to sell fictitious timeshares. The victims would sign a fictitious contract, provide their bank info and he would then make withdrawals. Then they might never hear from him again.” 

Victims have recently been discovered in multiple areas like L. A. , Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

Memorial Day Weekend

According to a survey conducted by AAA, almost all highways in the Los Angeles area will be jam-packed with vacationers this Memorial Day weekend. The survey showed that nearly 30.7 million Americans plan to drive to their destination this upcoming weekend. Compared to last year, the high ways will have 500,000 more travelers on the road. However, people will not be traveling far this year due to gas prices and budgets. Many people are rethinking their trips and looking towards finding a closer vacation spot that won’t exceed their budgets.

AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet commented, “Steadily increasing gas prices throughout the spring significantly squeezed many household budgets.”

The survey results showed that the average distance expected per traveler is around 642, which is 150 miles less compared to last year. While most surveyors stated that gas prices won’t change their destination, they will cut other costs to make up the difference.

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Merger Between United and American?

Since America Airlines filed for chapter 13 last year, many are unsure of what the airline plans to do to bounce back. There have been many discussions about merging with US Airways but sources state the merger has been ‘greatly exaggerated’.

A consultant of R.W. Mann & Co., Robert Mann, commented, “Independent of whether they merge or not, you’re going to see higher prices because the airlines have figured out that there’s no point in competing for unprofitable business but if a merger does occur, you’ll see an acceleration of that increase.”

American Airline’s parent company, AMR, posted a staggering $1.7 billion loss during the first quarter. CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker, stated that “the carrier had signed agreements with three unions representing nearly 55,000 American employees”. He reassured his employees by saying, “Today’s news does not mean we have agreed to merge with American Airlines.” Though a merger is still up in the air, many have started wondering what the outcome would be if US Airways and American actually decide to merge.

Mann commented, “Historically, mergers have been an opportunity for Southwest to enter markets and provide [pricing] discipline. But their costs aren’t that much lower than the network carriers anymore so it’s not as if they can suddenly find new pockets of revenue.”

A merger would also mean more labor unrest. Since the merger with America West Airlines seven years ago, US Airways is still trying to integrate the two work forces. Adding a third workforce to that equation might complicate the situation further. In addition by merging the two companies would be able to create a better network for their passengers.

Joe Brancatelli, the publisher of, commented, “No carrier that has gone into bankruptcy since 2000 has survived without a merger. United went into bankruptcy, came out and merged with Continental. US Airways went into bankruptcy twice and merged with America West. And Delta and Northwest both went into bankruptcy on the same day, came out and merged with each other.”

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Nine Arrested in New Jersey

Transfer Smart reports on nine citizens who have been arrested for being involved in a timeshare mortgage scheme. Apparently, these people preyed on the elderly by offering to pay off their mortgages at reduced amounts. Once the property owners sent in their payments, the individuals would then use it to purchase personal items or buy a timeshare in another persons name. They took nearly $2.4 million from unsuspecting owners.

Those charged will be facing mail fraud conspiracy and if convicted faces a minimum of twenty years in prison.

The ‘New’ European Timeshare Directive

The Plaza Mayor in Barcelona.

The Resort Development Organization (RDO) is an association that consists of and regulates fractional-ownership resorts across the nations of the European Commission. They enact and enforce laws on behalf of resort and timeshare users and work with different national governments to ensure all timeshare owners in Europe are treated fairly by their resorts. They work in conjunction with the English timeshare association, TATOC, as well as many other European timeshare groups.

On March 16th the Spanish government signed the new European Timeshare Directive (ETD) into law. It carries several tenets that strengthen the rights of the consumer and make clear definitions whereas before there were many grey areas that timeshare-shelling companies took advantage of.

The European market has created the same type of monsters that are dogging American consumers. Worthless contracts that are written in perpetuity (forever), unavailable/worthless weeks “owned,” and fraudulent “companies” that promise to get people out of their timeshare contracts, but in reality offer nothing.

With this in mind comes the passing of the ETD. Member nations that use the ETD ensure these rules on behalf of their people:

• A 14 day period where the consumer can still get out of the timeshare without penalty

• The contract’s language will be in the language of the purchaser, as long as it is a language of the EU

• Detailed information on the purchase in the language of the purchaser, as long as it is a language of the EU

• A total ban on deposits

• Contracts as short as one year long are covered by ETD laws (previously it was three years or more)

The inclusion of such provisions makes a statement on how lawless the European timeshare sales industry is. Even in the United States and Mexico, where timeshares are already considered a big scam or at least a poor investment, buyers were able to get contracts in English. Not so in Spain and Portugal, where English and Irish timeshare buyers were buying perpetual contracts in languages they didn’t understand. The ban on deposits and the 14 day grace period encourages the potential contract holder to think over their purchase away from the high-pressure sales pitches used by timeshare salesmen, also similar to tactics used by timeshare salesmen in the United States. Just like in the United States, this new law was enacted by sheer force of the public making complaints about timeshare ownership and sales to their local governments.

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Wyndham Worldwide Earns Accolades, Praise

RCI/Wyndham Worldwide has won the Socially Responsible Company award for a second time. The award, bestowed by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI), judges companies that operate in Mexico on several tenets. They include community outreach, environmentalism, corporate ethics and quality of life provided to their workers.

RCI encourages their workers to do community service by giving them incentives for time completed. They give annually to Christel House Mexico, a charity that provides inner-city Mexican children with quality schools and education.

Newsweek ranked them the world’s 73rd most “Green” company for their environmental practices in 2009. Their “Green Initiative Team” markets ways that RCI has gone on environmentally sound policies, and the importance of preserving our planet.

Corporate ethics includes being transparent about their finances. RCI has a healthy track record of developing employees from the ground-level up by focusing on their development, education, welfare and safety. This is the second consecutive year RCI/Wyndham Worldwide Mexico has won the award.

Wyndham has had a run of good press recently. They won Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies 2012 in the Hotels, Casino’s and Resorts category.

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